Kitchen Scrubber

As the name suggests Kitchen Scrubber is an equipment which scrubs the fumes generated while cooking in large kitchens. These fumes passes through high pressure water spray banks to get trapped, eliminating the oil, grease or any other particulates in the air which are being released from the kitchen, thus throwing fresh air in the environment.

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • Single/ Double Skin used as cabinet of the Scrubbers. kitchen scrubber
  • Uses Spray Banks for trapping oil and grease from the air. kitchen scrubber
  • Medium and Large scrubberkitchen scrubber
  • More Economical and Efficient. kitchen scrubber
  • Low Maintenance kitchen scrubber
  • Spray Banks are in GI / SS ( as required by the customer) kitchen scrubber
  • Wet Section is completely in SS-304 for better durability. kitchen scrubber
  • High Outdoor Air Quality due to the Air Filtrations available in the System kitchen scrubber
  • Air Cooler (Symphony, Greenoz Make)

kitchen scrubber